3. May 2023

Registration for the 16th EKOPLAGÁT ´23 ŽILINA is now open

EKOPLAGÁT is an International Exhibition and Contest of Posters on the Topics of Nature Conservation and Environment. Registration to the 16th edition of this competition is possible from today. Contestants can send their registration form and posters until 5th June 2023.…

13. April 2022

Awarded the highest prizes in the history of Ekoplagát.

We present to you a retrospective overview of the awarded main prizes (Grand Prix) from the beginning of the Ekoplagát competition. The first two years (1978 and 1981) were non-competitive. The awards including the GRAND PRIX start to be awarded…

13. April 2021

April and the significant environmental days

April is the spring month in which we celebrate forests, birds and the planet Earth. Posters from 2005, 2011, 2014 and 2017 point to the topic of deforestation, bird care and the care of the whole environment, or the illegal…

11. January 2021

The poster from Cuba received the most votes

From 18th September to the end of December 2020, the general public could vote for the most beautiful poster. Visitors could select a poster they liked the most and could choose from 217 posters from 106 authors and one organization.…

11. January 2021

Eco-posters inventory control and archiving

The State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic is a special expert organisation with country-wide competence in nature and landscape protection in Slovakia. Its scope of activities covers also tasks related to cultural-educational, awareness and promotion activities. For more than…

22. September 2020

Virtual exhibition EKOPLAGÁT

If you can't visit the exhibition personally in Žilina, watch our video from the Považská Gallery of Arts.

18. September 2020

Voting for the best public awarded poster

A total of 217 posters from 106 authors and one organization have passed on to the 15th edition of the EKOPLAGÁT exhibition and contest. From all posters choose ONLY ONE you like the best. We only accept one vote from…