Based on the decision of EKOPLAGÁT ´14 International Jury:

Chairman: Mgr. Dana Doricová (SR), Doc. Pavol Choma (SR), Mgr. Milan Mazúr (SR), Prof. Wladislav Pluta (Poland), Doc. Jan Rajlich ml.(Czech republic), made on 29th October 2014 in Považská gallery of Art in Žilina,  the winning authors and posters are as follows:

Grand Prix Prize Lex DREWINSKI,  Poland/Germany

poster: Untiteled (Dances with wolves), 2014


Posters:  Save Water, Shower Together!, 2012

Cow Power, 2012

2nd Prize Brad TZOU, Taiwan

poster: C´est la vie, 2014

3rd PrizePeter JAVORÍK, Slovakia

poster:  Save Misty the Dolphin, 2013


Certificate of merit: Naghmeh FELOR  ZABIHI, Iran

posters: Don´t Let the Garbage Be Our Nature!, 2013 (serie of 3 pieces)

Certificate of merit: Ireneusz KURIATA, Poland

poster: Next Generation, 2011

Certificate of merit: Agnieszka ZIEMISZEWSKA, Poland

poster: Don´t Cry, Save Water, 2012


Prizes of partners and donors:

CWI (Carpathian Wetland Initiative) Prize – Scott LASEROW, USA

poster: H2Our Glass, 2011

Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Environment of SR  Prize – Andrej HAŠČÁK, Slovakia

postert: Stop Deforestation 1, 2013

Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation Prize – Sun BYOUNG IL, Kórea

poster: How Long Will it Last?, 2014

International Jury agreed on very much a balanced level of the exhibition, acknowledged the work of organisers and recommended continuation of international triennial EKOPLAGÁT. The collection contained high quality posters, from content as well as art point of view.  Well balanced set reflects current development in the field of ecology and poster design.  We challenge and support the organisers to continue in organising this event, which prouds itself with long term tradition and response at international scale. Triennial addresses not only design art fans and ecologists, but general public as well. It is important that it addresses young generation as well. This way it directs their attention to burning questions of ecology and influences their thinking, feeling and their actions in the future.

Altogether, 50 authors with 104 posters from 20 countries of Europe, Asia and America joined the triennial EKOPLAGÁT 2014 exhibition and.

For the collection of this year’s Ekoplagát, the Selection Committee on its meeting on 1st of October 2014 chose 102 posters from 49 authors from 20 countries out of all the received posters.

Catalogue – pdf version