The State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic is a special expert organisation with country-wide competence in nature and landscape protection in Slovakia.

Its scope of activities covers also tasks related to cultural-educational, awareness and promotion activities.

For more than 40 years, the State Nature Conservancy, with one of its organizational units, the Administration of Malá Fatra National Park in Varín, organizes the international triennial exhibition and contest Ekoplagát (Eco-poster).

Ekoplagát during its long-lasting existence has recorded almost 3 thousand unique posters from different parts of the world, focused mainly on the themes of nature conservation and environment.

At this time of facing the new pandemic in the world and limited possibilities for meetings and organizing social, cultural or other types of events, staff members of the School for Nature Conservation in Varín, and at the same time members of the organisational committee of the triennial exhibition, have decided to use this time at last for tidying-up, inventorying and archiving the whole collection.

Our task now is again to sort out all posters to respective editions (there are 15 editions already), for those without a visual view to take snaps and consequently to make records in internal digital database consisting of data on author(s), country of origin, name of the poster etc.

Even if we are not a gallery, school of art or a specialized institution dealing fully with this topic professionally, we are pleased that our organisation can show off such an extensive collection of eco-posters, comparable on international scale.

In the future we would like to promote and enhance the Ekoplagát more and to allow various organisations and institutions to borrow the collections within touring exhibitions.

All authors deserve disseminate ideas eternalized at their posters.

Alena Badurová

Preklad Ján Kadlečík