On the 18th of June 2020, the selection of received posters for the 15th year of the Ekoplagát Žilina competition triennial took place at the Administration of the Malá Fatra National Park in Varín. 110 authors and one international organization from 21 countries with 279 posters applied. 217 posters and 106 autors and one international organization proceed to the next exhibition. You can download the list of advancing posters. 

The Pre-selection Jury:

Dana Doricová – triennial curator and art historian

Peter Pisár – academic painter and graphic designer

Ivan Bíly – academic painter and graphic designer

Jana Durkošová – representative of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak republic

Ján Kadlečík – representative of the Carpathian Wetland Initiative (CWI)

Viktória Ihringová – graphic designer, State Nature Conservancy of SR

Soňa Novotná – representative of the Považská Gallery of Arts in Žilina (Považská galéria umenia v Žiline)

Triennial Administrators:

Alena Badurová, Miriam Balciarová, Gabriela Kalašová