As part of the accompanying events of the 16th annual EKOPLAGÁT ’23 international exhibition and contest of posters, the general public could vote for the most beautiful poster from September 28 to November 23, 2023. They could vote for one of the posters they liked the most. They could choose from 246 posters by 145 authors. 1339 participants took part in voting through the online form and 135 gallery visitors voted through ballots.

Through the online form, the poster entitled Earth-Water-Politic, by the Iranian author Zaman Vahid, received the most votes. 1158 voters gave him their vote.

Visitors to the Považká Gallery of Art in Žilina liked the Eko Jezus poster by Slovak author Júlia Marcinková the most. 8 visitors voted for him.

We sincerely thank everyone who participated in the voting.

Organizational team of EKOPLAGÁT